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Septic Inspections

Selling, refinancing or buying a home? Need a septic inspection? Need a re-inspection? We have certified inspectors who are thoroughly trained on how to properly and fairly inspect your septic system.

Our technicians will look for:
  • Abnormal septic tank effluent levels, or past evidence of abnormal levels.
  • Properly draining septic fields, utilizing hydraulic load testing when necessary.  
  • Visually inspect and check baffles.

  • Check lids and risers.
  • Assess current water usage.
  • Abnormal vegetation or wet spots in the drainage field.
  • Check for outside water infiltration into the disposal system. 

Septic Pumping

STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC uses only licensed and bonded haulers for your septage hauling, recycling and disposal needs. Our professional service technicians use modern equipment to ensure a quality job at an affordable price. In addition to emptying your tank, our technicians provide a 5-point inspection as part of our service.

The 5-Point Inspection consists of:
  • Checking the structural integrity and internal condition of your septic tank with mirrors.
  • Monitoring, checking and observing water flow between the home and system (inlet line).
  • Checking outlet baffle integrity.
  • Visually inspecting the septic field (weather permitting).
  • Checking the level of the water/effluent in the tank.

Our technicians are continually trained and educated, and practice safe, efficient work habits. This attention to detail can save you costly repairs in the long run by catching the small problems before they become BIG problems.

 We also offer septic riser installations, to raise septic accessibility to ground level (if needed or requested). 

“Neighborhood Discounts and Worry-Free Maintenance Programs”

Septic Repairs & Installations

Complete Septic Repairs and Installations

STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC, with over 25 years experience and hundreds of septic services performed, can complete all of your septic needs worry free. 

We offer septic perk services with minimal ground disturbance. We utilize a state licensed analytical lab for your testing needs.

For new installations, STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC will work with your engineers and provide you with a stress free septic project. If you do not have an engineer, we can provide that service for you.

Most systems can be repaired. We provide quality repairs at affordable pricing, and can perform a full septic inspection to establish the condition of your system and advise you of your options.

STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC is registered and certified with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Registered On-site Wastewater Treatment System Professionals and is a licensed installer. If it is found that your field or tank needs replacement, we can assist you from start to finish.




STATEWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC offers the ECOHANCER treatment to complement our rejuvenation and pumping services. Untreated or poorly maintained septic systems can develop severe biomat (undigested raw sewage) and grime buildup throughout the entire system including the tank, lines and drain field. This accumulated sludge builds up gradually causing performance to degrade steadily and eventually results in drainage failure. Septic tank systems that have not been properly treated, or have had a decrease in bacterial populations due to everyday cleaners and other common household chemicals, have a difficult time digesting and degrading the raw septic sewage that enters the tank. Most systems experience problems in the drain field where the field lines progressively clog to a point where degradation and digestion is inhibited. The lines have small perforations that allow liquids to pass into the surrounding gravel bed to further digest and degrade. In troubled systems, the soil surrounding the inner pipes becomes extremely compacted with undigested sewage and the liquids have no where to go, leading to backups, wet spots and odors. We bombard the system with potent sewage eating bacteria that will digest the sludge and re-establish healthy bacterial counts. Naturally occurring bacterial strains found throughout your septic tank system are killed off by the use of many household chemicals such as bleach, paint, anti-bacterial soaps and other bacteria killing chemical products that enter your tank via drain lines. Our bio-products used regularly in conjunction with regular pumping will help keep your septic system functioning for many years to come.ECOHANCER is made from peat, using a patented process. The completely organic formula provides a high carbon food source that is like an energy drink for the natural bacteria within your septic system. This enables them to multiply more rapidly and become more active. As a result, waste is digested at a higher rate, and the native population is stronger, more resilient to bacteria killers.

EcoHancer is unlike other additives offered for septic system maintenance:

  • It is not a bacteria culture or enzyme
  • It activates the native bacteria responsible for waste digestion
  • It is scientifically proven to neutralize toxins and pollutants (anti-bacterials, medications, chemicals, etc.)
  • It improves the condition and quality of soil, leading to better drain field drainage 

 EcoHancer is effective throughout each stage of the septic system, impacting the septic tank, piping, distribution box, and the drain field – unlike any other product on the market. As a result, with EcoHancer, your system will function more efficiently and effectively:

  • Clarifies Septic Tank Effluent
  • Maximizes Drain Field Performance
  • Remediates and Renovates Drain Fields
  • Significantly Reduces Odors
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs

 ECOHANCER can be used safely in all drain pipes. ECOHANCER is a chemical-free alternative to drainage problems.

GO GREEN WITH ECOHANCER.   We are an authorized ECOHANCER dealer. Serving all of New Jersey.

Septic & Sewer Line Hydrojetting

Low pressure hydrojetting can sometimes solve slow drain issues. Our technicians can evaluate your system to see if this solution may work for you. When the septic tank is not cleaned out on a regular basis (every 1-3 years, dependant on household size), it cannot filter sludge properly which causes sludge to escape into the septic drain field. Once this happens, sludge clogs the holes in your septic drain field lines and prevents the water from getting out of the pipes and into the soil. If roots are the issue, we offer both hydro and electric root cutting systems.

What you get with the hydrojetting service:

  • Hydrojet field lines clean with new low pressure equipment. (High pressure used when treating sewer lines.)
  • Pumper truck on site to vacuum clean the disturbed sludge out of field lines (otherwise, the sludge settles right back into the field lines again!).
  • Root cutting and root treatment using Root-X. (Root-X comes with a 12 month non-grow back warranty.)
  • Commercial strength BIO-CLEAN enzyme shock treatment to attack any leftover residue that may remain.

Septic Camera Inspection

Septis Field Probing


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Septic Line Hydrojetted

Hydo-Root Cutting