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Septic Field Restoration "The Septic Field Replacement Alternative"

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Statewide Environmental will revitalize your septic field in one day or less, without excavating your lawn. The TerraLift process uses a narrow probe to penetrate the soil around the septic field, trenches or seepage bed. Once in the ground, it does several things at once.The Terralift procedure sends a blast of compressed air into the soil creating new cracks and fissures for liquids to pass through. The soil is fractured outward and upward towards the surface. While the ground is still newly fractured ECOHANCER is introduced in to the system(Ecohancer is a liquid peat moss based bacteria stimulant).The Terralift's blast of compressed air disturbs the oily black coating (biomat) off of the soil surrounding the gravel. Once the soil fracturing is complete, your system is guaranteed to operate efficiently once again. The Terralift procedure is also effective in restoring fields that are failing due to a select fill issue. We offer a three year warranty on the Terralift septic field restoration service. Our guarantee exceeds any given with a new septic system installation or field replacement.

The Septic Field Restoration Procedure

The terralift septic field restoration procedure is extremely successful when it is done properly by an experienced environmental contractor. It is essential that the on-site wastewater system is thoroughly inspected. A thorough inspection is necessary so that any malfunctions that are occurring can be addressed and corrected. Our restoration procedure consists of the following steps:
  1. The holding tank must be pumped. If the field is extremely saturated, and water is running back into the tank, it must be pumped until the water flow ceases. A camera locator is then entered into the inlet and outlet piping. The camera serves two purposes. It is used to visually inspect the pipes, and also to accurately locate them. If applicable, the distribution box is located, uncovered, and inspected. The camera locator is then placed inside all laterals, once again for a visual inspection and to locate the laterals. Locating the laterals and marking the field is extremely important. The laterals must be marked so that the Terralift probe does not have contact with them. The field must be marked so that the Terralift is not inserted outside of the absorption area.
  2. All accessible lines and laterals are low-pressure hydrojetted to remove any clogs or debris that is sitting inside them. It is essential that a low pressure jetting system is used to avoid damage to the fragile laterals, as well as to maintain the integrity of the fill material located underneath and around the perforated pipe. Any waste product, biomat, etc., that is evacuated from the lines during the hydrojetting procedure is pumped back into the septic holding tank to avoid reentering the field.
  3. Once the drainage lines and field have been cleaned, located and marked, the Terralift's probe is inserted into various locations at various depths to fracture the soil. Aeration locations are site specific. The machine then frackures the soil with controled bursts.The soil fracturing addresses the two major deficiencies that occur in the drainage fields. The machine breaks up the black tar-like substance, commonly referred to as "biomat". It is also used when the select fill has failed and compacted, forming a solid barrier through which water cannot penetrate.ECOHANCER is entered into the on-site wastewater disposal system. In nature all animal and vegetable matter is broken down and recycled into plant food by enzymes and bacteria. Like all living things, bacteria must "eat" to survive. A properly operating septic system contains all of the bacteria that it will ever need.if something is killing or harming the naturally occurring bacteria, it will also kill or harm the bacteria contained in those enzyme or bacteria additives. ECOHANCER is made from peat and is 100% organic.Rather than trying to circumvent a lack of naturally occurring bacteria, ECOHANCER provides an environment that causes those existing bacteria to multiply more rapidly and become more active. The end result is a microbial population that will thrive and consume organic waste more rapidly. 


Underground excavation can be dangerous.  Always use an experienced environmental contractor who is pollution liability insured and state licensed.


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